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Sita Bauelemente GmbH 

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About us

Sita Bauelemente GmbH

Rainwater flat roof drainage easily done.

As a partner, we protect your building from more than just rain. When it comes to flat roof rainwater drainage and ventilation our name stands for technical know-how for almost 50 years. The principle is very simple: it is the experience in the manufacturing of several million outlets. Sita is a solution provider. Together with the trade, architects, specifiers and installers, we find the best practice solution for you at service and product level.

Flat roof drainage made easy.
We provide solutions!

Sita solves problems. In cooperation with architects, planners and users we will find the applicable solution on the service level as well as in terms of the products. On the one hand we share our profound special knowledge and on the other hand we profit from the suggestions of the practice. The demands of the architects will be taken care of in the form of problem solving products and systems.

Sita Bauelemente GmbH - front view

Sita Bauelemente GmbH - rear view

Sita Bauelemente GmbH - production facility

Sita Bauelemente GmbH - made in Germany

Sita Bauelemente GmbH - always at your service

Sita Bauelemente GmbH - flat roof drainage solutions for new build

Sita Bauelemente GmbH - flat roof drainage solutions for refurbishment projects

Sita Bauelemente GmbH - flat roof drainage solutions for emergency drainage

Sita Bauelemente GmbH - flat roof drainage solutions for large roof areas

Sita Bauelemente GmbH - flat roof drainage solutions allow for plenty of space inside big buildings


Sita Bauelemente GmbH 
Ferdinand-Braun-Str. 1
33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Phone:  +49 2522 8340178

Contact person:

Udo Happe
Director Export Sales & Marketing
Phone: +49 1736 588061

Cengiz Karadeniz
Senior Business Development Manager
Phone: +49 1725 746343

Products & Services

Sita for architects & planning offices.
Sita-like easy support for individual planning.

Whether flat or over several levels, new construction or refurbishment, green or conventionally waterproofed roof: roofs can be the grand finale of your construction project. To make this easy for you, we support you with know-how, consultation and targeted services.

Sita for roofers.
Sita-like easy support around installation.

To be on the safe side when it comes to flat roof drainage, we support you with a comprehensive service. From product selection to planning and installation as well as to standard and liability-proof documentation, we make it easy for you - Sitaleicht.

Sita for partnering distributors.
Sita-like easy support around distributing.

With you as Sita's trading partner, we deliver products that are really helpful. On top we provide comprehensive data content for easier understanding of the product - enabling you to convey it even better to your customers. Thus, proven quality becomes a convincing selling point.

SitaTrendy- flat roof rainwater outlet for Conventional Drainage

Conventional Drainage is the most common type of roof drainage for flat roofs. It is governed by clear design regulations. The required number of rainwater outlets is defined by the size of the roof area. A separate fall pipe is generally connected to each rainwater outlet — so that rainfall can be drained reliably at all times.
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The SitaTrendy features a compact design, high discharge volume and a selected connection sleeve.

SitaTrendy extension unit - for insulation material thicknesses of 60 - 320 mm.

SitaTrendy - insulating body for extension element for the prevention of thermal bridges.

SitaTrendy - installation example in a non-vented roof structure

SitaTurbo - flat roof rainwater outlet for emergency drainage

The SitaTurbo is something really special. When installed
in the roof surface, this robust and extremely flat rainwater
outlet routes water outwards through the parapet.
The slight weakening of the thermal insulation and the
external pipeline system minimise thermal bridges.
Particularly high discharge volume
For main and emergency drainage
Extremely flat construction
Material: Stainless steel
Loose-fixed flange construction

SitaTurbo - parapet outlet with rectangular pipe, clamping bitumen, plastic + EPDM roofing membranes

SitaTurbo - installation example for industrial roofs

SitaVent pipe system with pipe fairlead

Ventilation and pipe fairlead:
A well coordinated system is required to ensure your building can breathe in and out. Our ventilation pipes are integral and provide a perfect connection. As your partner for ventilation components, Sita will supply all you need — whether it is for room, section or cold roof ventilation.
The SitaVent pipe fairlead is supplied with an integrated selected connection sleeve to match the roofing membrane, including rain rejector and removable 180° bend.

SitaVent pipe fairlead supplied as cable and pipe fairlead and vapour barrier cap.

SitaVent pipe fairlead - installation example with vapour barrier cap in a non-vented roof structure

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