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ter Hürne GmbH & Co. KG

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About us

The excellent properties of wood have always been the benchmark for all products from ter Hürne – from the beginnings of the company more than 60 years ago until today.

Wood remains our role model for smart, alternative materials for natural healthy living We have grown up with wood, and a great appreciation for this material. Our father, Otger, was a passionate joiner. In 1959, he set up his manufacturing workshop in Südlohn.

In the beginning, he manufactured door linings. Over the decades, more and more products for home interiors were added. Today, about 300 employees work for us in Südlohn.

Together, we have made ter Hürne one of the leading manufacturers in the design, production and distribution of floors made of wood and other materials.

We know where we are heading in the future: we will continue to focus on the values that our parents taught us - our love for wood with all its good, healthy properties. This is the basis for new, modern materials from our company.

Company building

ter Hürne Show Room

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Contours Collection

Hywood Herringbone Collection Elegant, timeless and exclusive

Avatara Design Floor Grand Edition Long planks

Ikō Premium-laminate floor Herringbone Edition

Dureco floor Classic Line

Sōya luxury vinyl floor Classic Edition

SilentDesign Acoustic Panels

UniqueDesign Panels


ter Hürne GmbH & Co. KG
Ramsdorfer Str. 5
46354 Suedlohn

Phone:  +49 2862 701293

Contact person:

Challot Abdelhamid
Export Manager Saudi Arabia
Phone: +33 786 259454

Hessing Burkhard
Export Manager
Phone: +49 173 6789708

Products & Services

natural engineered hardwood flooring - The naturally healthy real wood floor Hywood- The highly durable, real wood hybrid floor Avatara Design Floor The healthy one and as beautiful as nature Dureco Floor -The plastic-free water-stop floor Ikō Premium-laminate floor- The eco-floor with the soul of wood Sōya Luxury Vinyl Tiles-The comfort floor with the strength of the soya bean


A true hybrid
It is made of real wood, but it is not engineered hardwood flooring.
It is highly durable, but it is not a design floor. It combines the best of two worlds and creates something new. That is exactly what it is: Hywood, the highly durable, real wood hybrid floor.Hywood comes from the world of wood, because it is made of wood – through and through. It is real, it is precious and naturally beautiful. But most of all, it is sensual. It simply has everything you want from wood.
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Forget the standard! The Classic Collections planks are a whopping 2,197 mm long and 233/205 mm wide

Elegant, timeless and exclusive: Hywood herringbone. Its slim 774 x 129 mm design has a classic look

For more generosity. Create an impressive living feeling: Our oak extra-wide planks in 2375 x 270 mm

Avatara Design Floor

Avatara combines the naturalness of a real wood floor with the practical characteristics of a next-generation design floor. It looks incredibly real and is hardly distinguishable from wood. What you see and what you feel is conveyed to you holistically: this floor is on a par with nature. Natural on the outside and smart on the inside: Avatara consists of the material Talcusan©, which is 100% free of PVC, chlorine and plasticizers.
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Avatara Grand Edition Every piece of wood, every plank, tells a story of nature

Classic Edition

Stone Edition

Dureco Floor

Our Dureco floor combines two polar opposites. On the one hand, it is made almost entirely from wood. On the other, it repels water very consistently. Dureco is plastic-free. It consists mainly of natural and sustainable materials. The core is made of wood fibres. Water Stop- Your Dureco floor remains intact and beautiful. It can take up to 48 hours before moisture penetrates.
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Water Stop

Classic Edition

Stone Edition

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