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KO-BiZ e.K.

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About us

For years we have been the major supplier of top named brands in the Middle East with an excellent reputation in the concrete field. Our partners are:

  • Messrs. Kobra, known for high quality steelmoulds for concrete pavers, interlocks, hollowblocks and curbstones.

  • Messrs. Wasa, high performance production boards made of all-plastic, glass fiber-reinforced material, which allows the customer to regrind the boards and reuse them.

  • Messrs. Wuerschum, experts for powder and granule color metering systems, admixture and fibre dosing.

  • Messrs. Humarbo Machinery, well known in the field of machines for New Jersey blocks, concrete sleepers and general infrastructure and construction projects.


KO-BiZ e.K.
Auweg 42
89233 Neu-Ulm

Phone:  +49 731 2507181

Products & Services

Paving Moulds:
»Singlebolt™« plunger and hardened tamper shoes. Bolted wear plates made of wear-resistant steel. The bolted flange assemblies of »Moduline 2™« are reusable.
The mold insert has a hardness quality of 68 HRC.

Curbstone Mould:
Swords for low, round and high curbstones are made from solid steel blocks and hardened with »carbo™« treatment.
The frame parts of the KOBRA »Boltline 1™« are fully bolted and can be reused.

Hollow Block Mould:
»Singlebolt™« plunger and hardened tamper shoes.
The mold insert of »Solidline 2™« is integrated into the frame and hardened distortion-free in one piece. Distortion free hardening and precise bolting.
Frames and heads can be reused.

Uniplast Ultra: homogeneous all-plastic material, reinforced with fiberglass and with the possibility to regrind the boards for an even longer lifetime.

Wuerschum Color Dosage Systems:
Colour Metering System FLEX 70
Pneumatic dustfree metering of dry pigment for colouring of all kinds of concrete products.

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