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Roofs are more than just “functional components” for the protection of buildings. Roofs give character to individual buildings and entire city districts.

But roofs are also coming to be viewed more and more as reserve urban areas for creative planners looking for socially responsible concepts that counteract the loss of natural living spaces.

Green roofs are extending the variety of contemporary architecture. They fill the concept of “roof landscape” with new life: Nature – increasingly hemmed in by buildings and paved surfaces – returns as an attractive green element in residential, recreational and work environments.

ZinCo – one of the leading manufacturers – are pioneers and innovators in terms of extensive and intensive roof greening.

Research projects and innovative systems developed by ZinCo inspire architects and demanding clients to plan both private and large public buildings in a holistic and sustainable way.

Products and services

ZinCo Systems for Extensive and Intensive Landscaped Roofs.

When designing and installing a green roof, it is important to provide a growing environment as close as possible to the plant's natural environment. The most important factor is to compensate for the lack of subsoil. Each layer of a ZinCo green roof build-up is conceived to take over the relevant functions of the missing ground. A durable plant coverage is guaranteed.

Whether it is the Urban Climate Roof as an air conditioning for the city, the Lifestyle Roof as a secluded urban oasis away from the noise and dust of the streetscape or the public Parklands on Rooftops – ZinCo has the expertise to bring to life your project.

Urban Climate Roof

Massive urbanisation goes on worldwide with unprecedented sealing of natural surfaces. On top of the loss of natural habitat these concrete jungles create the urban heat island effect. The “Urban Climate Roof” mitigates this effect by maximising the evaporation.
The ingenious irrigation system engineered specifically for this system build-up is the clue. What’s best - you can even recycle your greywater.

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Lifestyle Roof

The “Roof Garden” green roof system allows you to turn your roof into an urban oasis and a real lifestyle roof! Whatever can be created on the ground can actually also be achieved on top of buildings using the technique provided by ZinCo.
The Floradrain® FD 60 Neo drainage element at the heart of this build-up allows very high water retention suitable for all aspects of diverse roof gardens with lawns, perennials, shrubs and with enough substrate depth even trees.

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Parklands on Rooftops

It`s hard to believe that 55,000 m² of this amazing Park in Kuwait (measuring 355,000 m² in total) is actually situated on top of roofs providing shaded car parks hidden underneath.
The hot and arid climate posed a particular challenge. For this reason, the ZinCo system build-up “Parklands on Rooftops” based on the drainage element Stabilodrain® SD 30 was chosen as a stable foundation for the vegetation and paving.

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