About us

TPH Bausysteme GmbH is an established producer of specialty chemicals for civil construction and tunneling, offering a wide product portfolio within four main categories of application

Joint Sealing Systems:

  • Swelling Profiles,

  • Metallic and PVC waterstops,

  • Work Joint formworks,

  • Knock-in Profiles

  • Injection Hoses

  • Sealants and adhesives

    Injection Resins:

  • Acrylic Gels

  • Polyurethanes

  • Silicates

  • Epoxies

    Concrete Protection:

  • PC / PCC mortars

  • Flooring Systems

  • Hydrophobizing

  • Foundations

Products and services

Waterproofing Systems in civil construction and underground facilities:

  • Joint Sealing Systems

  • Injection technology Systems

  • Curtain Injection

  • Crack Sealing

  • Concrete Protection

  • Concrete Repair

Low-viscosity, dual-component urethane with steerable setting time and thixotropy for permanent crack sealing


Triple component, high elasticity, steerable methacrylate gel for sealing in concrete structures


Single-component, high foaming semi-elastic urethane for water stopping in concrete and underground structures

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Paulo Henrique, Tsingos
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