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Allgaier Process Technology

Custom-Tailored and Innovative Solutions for the Bulk Material Processing Industry

Extensive experience makes the Allgaier Process Technology division the preferred partner when it comes to anything related to process engineering and technology.

With its Allgaier, Mogensen, Gosag, and Mozer brands and a worldwide presence in over 40 countries, the division supplies both standard and custom built systems for industrial washing, drying, cooling, screening, and sorting applications for all types of bulk material.

The division supplies more than 30,000 worldwide customers from the processing industry with custom-tailored and innovative solutions that are based on industry-leading experience derived from well over 45,000 series of tests.

Products and services

Allgaier Process Technology can look back on 50 years of experience and today is an important supplier for:

  • Drying

  • Cooling

  • washing

  • screening/sieving

  • Sorting

    Our products are being applied in different branches of industry, such as minerals industry, mining, fertilizer, food and chemical industry.

MSizer extend

The new MSizer extend is the most powerful and most flexible long deck classifier machine according to the Sizer principle. The machine combines maximum economic and technical efficiency benefiting from a new screen deck concept with a modified angle of inclination of the screens.

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The Mogensen MSort is one of the most effective sorting systems in the world, with the various models in the series being able to separate materials with sizes ranging from that of a pinhead to that of a soccer ball. The sorting system has proven its worth on the global market since 1996 and has become the unit of choice for glass recycling, mineral sorting, plastic sorting, and salt sorting applications.

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CD- Dryer

The CD Dryer is an indirectly heated contact dryer. The solids are dried by heat conduction from a steam-heated disc to the liquid product applied to the disc. The advantage over other contact dryers lies in particular in the significantly higher heat transfer surface with simultaneous small space requirement. Compared to convective dryers, contact dryers have lower heat losses with the warm exhaust air flows. The resulting vapor is removed with a high water vapor concentration..

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News & Innovations

Highlights 2019

Allgaier Process Technology launches 3 new products:
The new MSizer Compact is a short-deck sizer with high screening efficiency, large capacity and a small footprint, achieving a throughput of over 40 t/h e.g. in feed screenings.

The new MSizer Giant is the most powerful long deck classifier machine based on the sizer principle. The throughput of over 80 t/h when screening granulated sugar, makes it the largest sizer in the world. The gap between the 2 new models is completed by the fully optimized MSizer Extend, which can be used in almost all bulk material applications.

The new Drum Dryer/ Cooler TK-D System MOZER enables combined drying and cooling of dried solids approaching ambient temperature or the temperature of the used cooling air. It offers high energy efficiency through heat recovery in the drying process and evaporative cooling in the cooling process.

For further innovations have a look at www.allgaier-process-technology.com/en

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