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Wehrhahn advanced zero process related waste systems for AAC production plants

Part of the Wehrhahn "no system waste" concept is the patented Wehrhahn bed remover for tilt cake systems.
The bottom layer is recycled before the cake is being autoclaved.

In the past the hardened (autoclaved) bed could only be recycled in the process after being milled.With the Wehrhahn technology at least 4 % of raw materials can be saved and other process related disadvantages have
been overcome.

All cake processing like tongue and groove cutting or handhold milling is done prior to autoclaving. As a consequence there is no process related AAC waste to be expected.

Smart Concrete in Thailand is one of the satisfied AAC producers using the Wehrhahn "no process waste" system in Thailand, a significant advantage in comparison to the competitors.

Exhibitor: Wehrhahn GmbH

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